The first big update of Tower of Fantasy adds a new artificial island zone and more


The Wanderers will soon embark on a journey to explore and create in a completely new place called an Artificial Island in the open-world MMORPG Tower of Fantasy. Developer Hotta Studio and publisher Level Infinite announced this on Twitter in the 1.5 update trailer, revealing the look of the first major content update since the official launch of Tower of Fantasy last month.

The new location is filled with floating islands to explore, a new boss dragon battle, and will give players the opportunity to create their own exclusive islands starting on September 15. Destruction requires the best set of player weapons in Tower of Fantasy.

Users will need to reach level 50 and complete certain missions before they can travel to an artificial island using the Banges Tech flying machine. Unlocking the Artificial Island construction feature will be as simple as reaching the specified goal to progress research in a new area, or the user will reach the specified level. Wanderers will be able to collect building materials used to create various items, meet servants and pets, creating an island that they can call their own in the Tower of Fantasy universe.

Along with the new area, players will also be able to unlock Claudia, a new character with a one-handed sword and a militaristic demeanor. The mobile Hykros Executor has a strong sense of righteousness and justice, and can usually be found on the front lines in any difficult battle. She may seem cold at first, but her tenacious and dependable style during battle may appeal to players who are looking for another melee character in Tower of Fantasy to add to their list.

Updating the first version for many games can sometimes be a lackluster event, filled mainly with bug fixes and quality of life changes. Tower of Fantasy wants to add a lot more, and adding islands created by players will be a good chance to bring back some of those players who have already gone to other games. Creating users can be a boon or a curse, but giving players the opportunity to create their own domain where they can relax and show off to their friends is usually the highlight of most MMORPGs. Even non-existent games like Wildstar are fondly remembered for their player-created housing options, and this is a great chance to renew and expand interest in Tower of Fantasy.

Tower of Fantasy can be played for free on mobile devices and PCs.


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