The first autonomous commercial vehicle from Volkswagen: ID Buzz AD


ID Buzz AD, Volkswagen’s first autonomous commercial vehicle developed in partnership with Argo AI, was introduced at the event.


Introduced as a concept vehicle for the first time in 2017, Volkswagen ID Buzz is on its way to becoming the company’s first autonomous commercial vehicle. The new model called Volkswagen ID Buzz AD (Autonomous Driving),

Volkswagen, which has partnered with Argo AI, will use the Argo Lidar sensor developed by the company in the ID Buzz AD model.

Autonomous commercial vehicle Volkswagen ID Buzz AD introduced

The model, which was introduced ahead of the 2021 IAA Mobility Event held in Munich, emerged with a four-year R&D process. Tests of the fully electric Volkswagen Buzz AD model have begun.

Test drives, which also cover European driving conditions-specific traffic situations, take place in several different locations, including Argo’s test track in the United States.

MOAI, one of the subsidiaries of the VW Group, offers autonomous commercial vehicle rental services to users. MOAI will use the Argo Lidar sensor produced by Argo AI in its autonomous car rental service.

Argo Lidar, which is stated to be able to detect objects at distances more than 400 meters, can predict the movements of pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles thanks to the software developed.

Bryan Salesky, CEO of Argo AI, said, “We are excited to provide autonomous commercial vehicle rental service with MOIA based on our 5 years of development and what we have learned from our operations in metropolitan cities of the USA. You will soon see autonomous vehicle technologies developed by Argo AI on the streets of Munich.” used the phrases.

Argo AI, which signed an agreement with Ford in July, announced that it will produce 1,000 autonomous vehicles for Lyft car rental service in cities such as Miami and Austin.


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