The first 3D printed school to be built in Madagascar

Education is a right that all children have regardless of their place of origin. The youngest must learn the basics in all subjects, but not all countries in the world have the resources to build the required infrastructure. This occurs in third world countries such as Madagascar, but this will remain in the past if the project of creating the first 3D printed school goes ahead.

The world’s first 3D school will be built in Africa

Rudimentary architecture is still present in some countries that do not have many resources. The mud or adobe are the materials that you have to create the structure, not to mention the time it takes to make them. In that sense there are much faster ways of construction, but the arrival of 3D printing in construction can help greatly.

It turns out that the NGO Thinking Huts will work with the Studio Mortazavi company to create the world’s first 3D printed school. It will be located in Madagascar, the largest island in Africa. It is a poor area where they intend to help the population by providing a place for the youngest to attend the most basic studies and develop.

The machinery will be nourished by materials from the area, so it will be built with locally sourced cement. It will also have other types of materials such as metal for the roof. According to the company, the construction method will create a structure “27 times stronger than a sun-dried clay brick, 3.5 times stronger than a baked clay brick and twice as strong as standard concrete.”

This is how the project is planned

For the first school printed in 3D to succeed, it will be necessary to raise $ 350,000, which will be used to manufacture a building with 157 square meters. Here about 30 students will study with a rainwater harvesting system, natural ventilation and solar panels to provide electricity to the center. In addition, the structure is designed to add more schools little by little.

The good thing is that the manufacturing time of this space only reaches 22 days. This time is much faster than any other construction system, so it will not be difficult or slow to build more buildings around.



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