The Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Holes demo hints at a connection between Rez and the previous antagonists


A fighting game in the style of Musou Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes introduces players to the new protagonist Shez, a mysterious mercenary who teams up with students of the Garreg Mach Officer Academy. Shaz is accompanied by Arval, a strange figure who lives in their head.

Curiously, fans playing the free demo of Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes quickly noticed a potential connection between Shez and the hidden civilization of Agart, which played an antagonistic role in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. It is possible that Shaz may be associated with this group, which has nefarious plans for Fodlan.

Shaz’s past is kept a secret

While Baylet’s previous protagonist had secrets in the past, especially their connection to the goddess Sothis, Shaz is even more mysterious and forces players to ask even more questions. Almost all the players know about Shea that they are mercenaries, they are from the Leicester Alliance, and they were raised by their foster mother, who is now dead. Compared to Baylet, who had family connections and a history through their father Geralt, Shaz immediately forces players to sift through their minimal backstory in search of hidden truths.

This made fans wonder what happened to Shaz’s biological parents, who is this foster mother that Shaz loves but remembers almost nothing (including her name), what happened to her and what made Shaz become the master of Arval, a strange, powerful and caustic force in their mind. I hope the answers to these questions will be revealed in the full version of the game. While fans can only build theories — some think that the foster mother of Shaz will be Patricia, the long-lost mother of Edelgard and Dmitry’s stepmother, while others think that she is a noblewoman-an exile from one of the three factions or even a Saint. Seiros in disguise.

Arval looks very agartan

While Sothis’ nature remained mysterious throughout most of Fire Emblem: Three Houses, fans quickly and correctly assumed she was related to Seiros and other Saints because of her shared green hair and otherworldly appearance. Similarly, fans began to potentially associate Arval with Agarta, an underground society seeking to control Fodlan from the shadows. The Agartans possess dark magic and technology far beyond the factions of Fodlan, even the Church of Seiros, so it would not be improbable to assume that they could have implanted an Agartan man or creation into Shaz’s head.

The Agartan appearance of the Arval is due to their white hair, red eyes and the general “scaly” motif of their clothing. The Agartans have pale skin and dark eyes due to the fact that they spend so much time underground without the sun. They typically wear white and black clothing to contrast with the bright red, blue and yellow of Black Eagles, Blue Lions and Golden Deer respectively. They also wear clothes with the image of scales to represent the Demonic Beasts they control and create. Although Arval claims to remember nothing about the underground civilization or its people, their distinctive appearance and strange abilities, including helping Shez to repeatedly cheat death, definitely seem to imply the opposite.

Shaz feels a connection with those who slide

“Those who glide in the dark” is a name used for a certain group of Agartans who have secretly infiltrated the society of Fodlan. In the demo version of Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes, Shaz and Arval encounter four members of the group: Cronia, who is trying to kidnap the noblewoman-Addressian Monica von Ochs, Solon, who disguises himself as the kind librarian Garreg Mach Thomas, Thales, who secretly rules the Empire as Lord Volkhard von Arundel, and Cleobulus, who influences the politics of the Kingdom of Faergus as Cornelia’s advisor.

Every time a member of “those who glide in the dark” is encountered in the demo, Shaz notes to Arval that they have never met this person before, and yet they seem strangely familiar. Arval agrees, stating that they feel the same familiarity, but also insists that they have never encountered Agartans or someone like them before. After all, in each route, one of the main reasons why Shaz prefers to stay with Edelgard, Dimitri or Claude rather than return to a mercenary life is the hope that they will be able to learn more about “those who glide in the dark.” Since Kronya, Solon, Thales and Cleobulus escape alive by following the cards in the demo where they fight, it is likely that they will reappear in the full game to potentially shed light on this mystery.

Shaz’s abilities resemble Agartan reincarnation.

The “Awakening” mechanic from the previous Fire Emblem Warriors game returns, allowing characters to temporarily enter a super-powered state in the middle of a battle. In the wake-up mode, the characteristics of the characters increase.