The fire between Epic Games and Apple is not going out!


Apple, which removed the game from the App Store for alleged fraud in Fortnite’s in-game payments, continues to burst into Epic Games. In a new 37-page defense against the court, Apple sternly claimed that only the developer was responsible for financial damage caused by Fortnite’s suspension on the App Store. With the Epic Games and Apple case going on, the waters don’t seem to settle down.

Epic Games, on the other hand, states that Fortnite has suffered financial damage as a result of the removal from the App Store.

Critical claim for Epic Games and Apple case

The case between Apple and Epic Games is increasingly flaring. In a part of the 37-page defense presented by Apple, “This damage is not beyond repair because Epic Games caused the material damage claimed by them entirely. Epic Games is a saboteur, not a victim. He neither needs nor has the right to the help he wants from this court and the case. ” sentences are included.

Continuing its defense, Apple said, “Epic Games is victimizing its own customers to take advantage of this dispute.” gave place to his words. In a statement for the Epic Games and Apple case, Apple’s legal team stated that Epic can end this dispute if it wishes, but Epic chose to feed the fire instead of asking for it.

In addition, Apple stated that Epic is using this case as an advertising tool for Fornite, which has lost its popularity. Interest in Fornite has dropped by 70 percent overall from October 2019 to July 2020. Epic Games wants to spark interest in Fortnite by keeping the brand in the headlines, according to Apple.

Although the Epic Games and Apple case has come here, lawyers state that they are willing to remove Fortnite from the App Store as a result of the return of the payment system.

Apple also denies that Epic Games’ reputation has been damaged. According to Apple, all these transactions and cases were pre-planned by Epic. On this part of the defense, Apple said, “If Epic Games were sure that this dispute would hurt their reputation, it would not have made such elaborate efforts to promote Fornite. It looks like Epic Games thinks its campaign here (like #freefortnite) will generate goodwill. ” gave place to his words.

The next stage of the trial will be held on September 28th.


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