The finale of the third season of “Boys” was a tragic finale for “The Butcher”

Content warning. The following is a reference to rape.
Attention! Contains SPOILERS for the third season of “Boys”.
Season 3 of Boys just created a tragic ending for Billy Butcher. Throughout season 3 of Boys, the series seemed to set Billy Butcher up for the role of the villain from the original comic book series of the same name Garth Ennis and Darrick Robertson. However, the season 3 finale of “Boys” refuted this, forcing Butcher to save Huey and Ryan’s lives. Nevertheless, at the same time, he sets up the character for a rather gloomy end, despite these positive changes.
Season 3 of “Boys” is about the titular group trying to find a way to kill a Homelander. Eventually, their quest leads to Butcher and Huey taking a temporary connection-V and teaming up with the boy soldier The Boys. Even though the group defeats the Boy Soldier after Super attacks them, they fail to kill the Homelander. The brunt of this loss lies with the Butcher, who is now forced to cope with his greatest setback when he found out that he was dying from the effects of Temp-V.
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In the finale of the third season of “Boys”, the Homelander finds his son Ryan and takes him under his care. The final scene shows him introducing Ryan to his radical fandom, which honors the Homelander after he kills a protester. When the crowd cheers, the boy smiles ominously, implying the possibility that he will become as evil as his father in season 4 of Boys. This ending is especially tragic not only because of Ryan’s turn, but also because of how he will be the impact of the Butcher. Not only did he fail to protect Ryan from Homelander as planned, but he also failed to fulfill his mother Becky’s dying wish.
The butcher for boys didn’t fulfill Becky’s dying wish
The Boys’ Becca was the love of Butcher’s life, and she was Ryan’s mother, a pregnancy that was the result of Homelander’s rape. In the finale of the second season of “Boys”, Bakka dies, begging the Butcher to take care of Ryan and protect him with his last breath. By shutting down a child at the beginning of season 3 of “Boys,” Butcher makes him vulnerable to Homelander, which in turn leads to Ryan choosing Homelander as his father rather than Butcher. Despite the fact that Butcher experienced some positive character development in the season 3 finale of Boys, he will most likely never be able to survive this setback, which in turn makes his eventual death (whether due to illness or other reasons) much more grim.
It is unclear what will happen to the Butcher in season 4 of “Boys”. After all, he can still become a villain if he kills Ryan and goes crazy with Temp-V. At the same time, the finale of the third season of “Boys” seems to suggest that he will take a more positive path, approaching the last stages of his life. However, the loss of Ryan to Homelander and thus the failure of Becky from The Boys will undoubtedly be a heavy burden for him until the end of the series.
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