The finale of the fifth season of “Cobra Kai” is the craziest in the show, teases the co—author


Co-creator John Hurwitz says that the finale of the fifth season of “Cobra Kai” is absolutely wild. Season 4 of “Cobra Kai” cemented the winning formula of the show, combining nostalgia for the karate kid with the storytelling of generations and, of course, a healthy dose of karate. The result was a season that currently has 95% critical ratings and 91% viewer ratings on Rotten Tomatoes.

In addition to the fact that the 4th season of “Cobra Kai” received high marks from critics and fans, it also left the show with a lot of problems that needed to be solved in the 5th season. The biggest cliffhanger, of course, was Crease’s arrest after Terry Silver framed him for attacking Stingray, leaving Silver in charge of the expanding Cobra Kai. In the season 4 finale, Miguel also suddenly left for Mexico City in search of his biological father. The episode also saw the unexpected return of Chozen, whom Daniel hopes to attract as an ally in his ongoing battle with Silver. Johnny Lawrence and Robbie also found themselves in an interesting position after Robbie’s mentoring efforts with Kenny blew up in his face.

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It remains to be seen how season 5 of Cobra Kai will eventually resolve all of these storylines left over from season 4. But it seems that the finale of season 5 will be especially dramatic, judging by the new joke of co-author Hurwitz. Speaking to fans on Twitter, Hurwitz promised: “The Season 5 finale is absolutely wild and unlike any of our other finales. We all love it.” When asked by one Twitter user to describe the fifth season in one word, Hurwitz replied: “Unpredictable.”

Of course, it’s safe to call the finale of the fifth season of “Cobra Kai” wild, considering how crazy some of the finales of the previous season of the show turned out to be. Season 2 actually set the trend for really dramatic finales with the infamous karate crash in high school, which ended with Miguel falling off a balcony and severely injuring his back. Season 3 may not have ended with something as epic as the whole high school was involved in a karate fight, but it had some very wild events, including LaRusso’s house being trashed during a small brawl, Daniel and Johnny teaming up to fight the Crisis and Terry Silver’s big reveal. The Season 4 finale, of course, was mostly about a big karate tournament before last-minute twists, including Silver’s insidious match-fixing, Miguel’s departure, Crease’s arrest, and Chozen’s return.

The finale of the 5th season of “Cobra Kai” will really be difficult to surpass the finales of the previous season in action and drama. But at least, according to Hurwitz, it seems that the show succeeded, being “absolutely wild” and “unlike” any of the previous works. And Hurwitz’s use of the word “unpredictable” to tease the entire season certainly indicates that events will unfold in unexpected ways in the upcoming new 10-episode installment. The fifth season of the series “Cobra Kai” will be released on Netflix on September 9, 2022.