The finale of the 4th season of “New Amsterdam” shocked fans after Helen left Max at the altar


The runaway bride. Fans of “New Amsterdam” are shocked after the Season 4 finale ended with Helen Sharp leaving Max Goodwin at the altar.

On Tuesday, May 24, an episode of the NBC medical drama began with the fact that a Category 4 hurricane suddenly changed course and headed straight for New York on the wedding weekend, and Helen (Frima Agyeman) not even in the country yet. She’s still in England, and Max (Ryan Eggold) is worried that her flight will be delayed.

While at the hospital, Max is busy during the storm, he still finds time to repeatedly text Helen, who does not respond immediately. The doctor hopes that his fiancee is safe during the flight, and finally receives a message from her that simply says: “Today was… I have no words. I’ll call you as soon as possible.”

His tracking shows that her plane has finally landed safely, so he continues to make new plans for the wedding. Their wedding was planned in the botanical garden, but Max says that this place is not suitable after the mess that the storm left behind. He decided to move the ceremony to the roof of the hospital. He leaves Helen a voice message telling her that “this place has always been magical” because it was here that they met and fell in love.

The Doctor doesn’t seem concerned that he hasn’t heard from Helen since her text message. He is standing in his suit in front of their friends on the roof when Helen calls him. She wasn’t on the flight.

“I can’t,” she tearfully told him from London.

Max is heartbroken. “She won’t come,” said the shocked groom.

He wasn’t the only one who was dizzy. Fans couldn’t believe that Helen had done this to Max, and expressed their disappointment on Twitter after the finale of “New Amsterdam” aired.

“It literally doesn’t make sense that HELEN SHARP dumped Max…? Since THE FIRST SEASON EPISODE ONE, Helen has returned to New Amsterdam for Max, it’s literally canon, so what???? What the fuck???” — tweeted one of the Sharpwin shippers.

Another asked, “They made Helen show up every time, even if it was at the cost of her happiness, but we have to believe that she didn’t show up on the most important day of their lives??”

Some believe there is more to this story. “Reviewing this, I know for sure that Helen did not leave Max at the altar,” said one of the viewers. “She’s obviously devastated and, more importantly, she’s wearing the same clothes as last night (earlier in the episode). Do I hate it? yes! But she would NEVER hurt him like that. Something very bad has happened.”

“Big changes are coming for Helen, which will affect their relationship,” he told us at the end of April. “It’s a challenge that I won’t spoiler, but I think it’s a surprise that they’ll have to cope. This is something really new to deal with.”

The good news is that the cliffhanger will be resolved. “New Amsterdam” has been renewed for a fifth and final season, which is expected to begin in the fall on NBC.