The film crew of Stephen King’s “Boogeyman” has begun to adapt the horror comic A+ with the producers of “Very strange Cases”


October is obviously the best time for entertainment in the horror genre, as many bizarre movies and TV shows are released on the eve of Halloween. (Including, no doubt, the conclusion of the “Halloween Ends” franchise.) But it’s also a great time for genre efforts to come together behind the scenes, preparing all the upcoming horror films that will come out later. And a promising project has been launched: the team of directors behind the upcoming adaptation of Stephen King’s “Boogeyman” is designed to bring to life the horror comic “Night of the Ghoul” for 20th Century Studios with the producer of “Very Strange Cases” Sean. Levi is also in the mix.

What is Ghoul Night?

Originally published as a digital edition of Comixology Originals, Night of the Ghoul is one of several excellent titles created by famed Batman and horror comics author Scott Snyder as part of his exclusive contract with the creator. With the hyper-talented Francesco Francavilla creating the art, the six-issue series is a lovingly dark homage to EC comics and the golden era of monster movies.

The story centers on a long-lost and legendary horror film made around the middle of the 20th century, and the obsessive efforts of a father (and his son) to track down the film and/or its reclusive director. Of course, in stories like this, the characters should always be careful what they wish for, because there is definitely a reason why the film in question has remained undisclosed for so many years.

“Night of the Ghoul” was first published in October 2021, but is being released on physical media for the first time through Dark Horse Comics and will go on sale on October 6, 2022, after which the next five issues will be released every month.

Who collects “Night of the Ghoul”?

According to Deadline,HarveyAward winners Scott Snyder and Francesco Francavilla are acting as executive producers, and “Boogeyman” director Rob Savage is going to stand behind the camera for the comic book adaptation. Savage was also the author of two of the most high-profile horror films with a static camera in recent years, including the famous computer movie “Host” in 2020 and the road thriller “Dashcam” in 2021, in addition to many short films over the years. “Night of the Ghoul” should put this talent to the test, both with its central storyline and with intermediate shots from a mysterious film within the film. (Although the screenwriter was not specified, it can be assumed that Savage will serve as a screenwriter, as he has done in the past for his films.)

“Night of the Ghoul” will be produced by 21 Laps, founded by director and producer Sean Levy, who will work behind the scenes with partners Dan Levine and Dan Cohen. In addition to “Very Strange Cases,” Levy’s banner was behind TV hits such as Tim Allen’s “The Last Survivor,” as well as Netflix’s “Shadow and Bone” and “Unsolved Mysteries.” As for the specifics, Levi has a “Night at the Museum” franchise, and the latest entry will be released in the future on Disney+, where 21 Laps also has a sci-fi Crater project. Other noteworthy future projects include “Romeo and Juliet” from Hulu, “Rosalina” and the film “Sesame Street”.

When and where will Night Of The Ghoul be released?

Given that news about this project is only reaching the general public, it is safe to say that “Night of the Ghoul” will most likely be released in 2023 or 2024, depending on how big the production will be. Hopefully, the 20th Century allows you to allocate a big enough budget to make it as cool as a comic book.

As for how the film can reach the audience, it’s hard not to notice Sean Levy’s connections in film and television with Netflix, Disney and Hulu. In particular, the first, since the streaming giant has released the most genre projects of 21 Laps in recent years, including “Someone Inside Your House”, “Project Adam”, “Love and Monsters” and others. So don’t be surprised if Netflix or Hulu end up offering high bids for “Night of the Ghoul” once the casting process begins. My vote is for Bryan Cranston to play Dad, so let’s get to work, universe.

You can find Night of the Ghoul in the Comixiology app via Amazon Prime (opens in a new tab) or purchase a physical copy at your local comic book store. Try not to waste years of your life searching for horror movies that can destroy reality as we know it, just as a thought, and check out all of Stephen King’s upcoming projects in the works while we wait for “Boogeyman” to release its first trailer.


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