The fight with the boss Elven Ring Malena ends with a satisfying simultaneous emotion


There are many challenging encounters for fans in Elden Ring, ranging from Radan and his gravity magic to Maliket and his destructive Black Blade. However, no challenge can compare to Malenia, the biggest threat that players will face during the passage of the Elden Ring.

Malenia, Mikella’s blade is an optional boss that players can find at the bottom of Mikella’s Haligtree, a well—hidden area that requires a bit of effort to discover. As for why this battle is so difficult, several factors can be pointed out. For example, Malenia has two full health scales, and her second phase represents several deadly Scarlet Rot attacks. Whenever she deals damage to a player, she steals his health, and the Waterfowl Dance requires some stellar evasion skills to survive.

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Despite everything that Malenia can throw to his opponents, Reddit user scotty2socks and his co-op partner defeated the defender of Mikella. The clip begins with scotty2socks delivering the final blow to the boss, running up to his friend when Malenia disappears. They start tea bags on the floor before searching through the gesture menu for the most appropriate way to celebrate. They landed on Elation, an emotion that their co-op partner activated at the same time.

The single greatest moment of my passing Elden Ring was that I and this host were perfectly synchronized at the end of this fight from Eldenring.

Seeing two emotions together like this is very nice, as it’s a good proof of how synchronized they were during and after the battle. However, while it’s funny to see emotions being used at the same time after such an intense battle, what makes this moment more special is that it is the emotion of Delight that is present in it. The equivalent of the “Praise the Sun” pose in the Elden Ring, the “Solar Brothers” who worship Soler of Astora use Rapture to continue his legacy and unique mannerisms. The fact that both players used it highlights a shared love for FromSoftware dating back to Dark Souls.

The Elden Ring community clearly enjoyed seeing the two players praising the sun together, as the post has received more than 2,600 votes since it was first published. In the comments section, DarkOriole4 speculated whether the use of the emotion was perfectly synchronized for the co-op partner as well, or a slight delay showed that they used it at a different time. However, the moment for scotty2socks was perfect, which made for a stellar clip.

Considering that there have been a lot of failures of the Elden Ring cooperative on the web, it’s nice to see that the team works so well from time to time. For those who like to praise the sun while playing online, it’s hard to find a better result than this.

Elden Ring is already available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.