The fight with the boss beast Fallingstar in Elven Ring ended with a broken heart


Elden Ring has some of the most memorable bosses in modern games, and they almost always evoke a great sense of accomplishment when these enemies are finally defeated. There are bosses that are used to evaluate the player’s skills, for example, the Guardian of the Tree at the beginning of the game. There are also strong, repetitive boss battles, such as numerous fights with Fallingstar Beast, and a very unlucky player found that Elden Ring is just ruthless when it comes to destroying them all in a video posted on Reddit.

The Beast of the Shooting Star is a recurring boss in the Elden Ring, capable of quickly reducing players’ health reserves to zero with the help of swift attacks, gravitational magic surrounding the beast itself, a magic ray and a deadly attack: a piercing grip that deals a huge amount of damage and cannot be blocked. After a long battle with this creature, victory was close to one player, but the fight ended in tragedy for the Tarnished.

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A user under the nickname “Piresti” posted his trouble for everyone to see. In the video, the player fights with two swords and seems to be in control of the fight. The player dodges a complex series of attacks and counterattacks of the beast when appropriate, and it seems that victory is assured. Unfortunately, the Shooting Star Beast only had a drop of health left before the boss was able to initiate his attack with a piercing grip, kill the player and throw him off the nearest cliff. While death is common in the Elden Ring, this one stings a little worse than most, as one more hit from the player would be enough to defeat the boss.

Ah, Elden… from Eldenring

The video shows how relentless Elden Ring can be, as well as how often this situation occurs when players become too greedy in their quest to defeat bosses. The player could use the thrown object, retreat and wait out the creature’s gravity attack, or simply play less aggressively. But this post also shows the great humor and sense of adventure and fun that the Elden Ring community has experienced since the game’s release in February. Sometimes death in the Elden Ring can be fun, even if it slows down players’ progress, as in this case, but as some Reddit users have responded: it happens to most players.

Greed in the Elden Ring can often lead to death and frustration, but when it does, it’s hard not to just sit back, laugh and refocus for the next battle. This clip is interesting because it shows how quickly things can go wrong in the Elden Ring, as well as how members of the community are proud of their ability to get together, shake off the dust and continue their journey to become an Elden Lord.

Elden Ring is already available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.


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