The fiery photos of Suga in black clothes


With these outfits Suga showed that he can be very sexy and hot, as the color black seems to suit the idol of BTS very well.

Suga is undoubtedly one of BTS’s favorite idols, and although he is usually quite cute, the truth is that he can also be super sexy and hot, at least that is how he shows it in this top of 10 photos, in which he looks different outfits, all of them accompanied by the black color that fits perfectly.

After seeing these photos, even the ARMY has indicated that Suga is the new “Sexy”, because with these photos Min Yoongi has become synonymous with “hot”, even outshining the other BTS idols, see them below.

Top of Suga’s sexiest outfits

1. Suga in Black Suit

Suga showed her sexy and dark side with this midnight outfit, in which he wore a black suit, as well as a shirt and pants of the same color, showing that a monochrome style for Min Yoongi is ideal.

2. A red and black jacket ideal for Suga

Suga looked like a vampire in that brocade jacket and satin shirt.

3. Leather jacket with laces

Suga brought out his inner bad boy in this punk style coat, which certainly makes his look super sexy.

4. Sleeveless shirt and leather pants for Suga

Suga showed some skin in this striped shirt. This complements his sexy black pants that certainly drove the ARMY crazy.

5. Old School jacket, leather pants and Punk shirt

Suga brought a classic punk-rock style to the modern era with this daring jacket and graphic tee, and with that pose he achieved the perfect photo.

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6. Denim jacket and white shirt the perfect look for Suga

Suga couldn’t look better in this denim outfit! The sagging cut of her shirt drew attention to her collarbones, and her black hat completed the outfit.

7. Silver shirt and shiny pants like Suga

Suga shone like the star that he is with her shiny silver buttons and tight black pants.

8. White shirt, black jacket and ideal choker for Suga

Suga left us shocked with this low cut shirt and her black jacket. Her choker was sexy and glamorous!

9. Red blazer and white scarf for a sophisticated Suga

Suga looked noble in her aristocratic red jacket and elegant shirt.

10. Leather jacket for a day with Suga

Suga’s airport fashion brought our bad boy fantasies to life! Well, that black leather jacket suits him very well.


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