The FF7 Revival May Be more like the final destination than You Think


In Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, the characters continue to struggle with fate and struggle to live in a new timeline that differs from the timeline of the original FF7. Square Enix changes the rules of remakes, and FF7 Remake makes radical changes to the history of FF7. However, even if a character survives death in the original FF7, this does not mean that he is safe.

[Attention: this article contains spoilers for FF7 and FF7 Remake.]

Final Fantasy 7 Remake revisits the story of Cloud and his band, but this time the story is deeper and contains several changes compared to the original. Final Fantasy 7: Rebirth will continue the story from where it left off, and there will probably be more Whisper attempts to kill the characters who managed to escape death in the first part. The addition of the Whispers to the FF7 universe means that both the main and minor characters face another obstacle that they are working against to save the planet.

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The newly added Whispers work to keep the timeline on track with the original, which gives the FF7 Remake the feel of a “Final Destination” movie as they try to kill characters who managed to survive longer than intended. Biggs and Wedge in FF7 Rebirth face this problem because they survived the Sector 7 slab fall, the point at which they died in FF7. Now the Whispers have targeted them to fix the timeline.

A whisper in the FF7 remake is equivalent to death at the destination

In Final Destination, characters who manage to defy Death are pursued by Death itself to correct the balance of life and death, as they are no longer destined to be alive. Although the Whispers also try to kill those who have lived longer than expected, they go beyond that and try to fix any changes in the timeline, even if those changes are not related to death. That’s why Whisper attacks Aeris in the FF7 Remake, as she seems to know about the original timeline and therefore can change it. Aeris even mentions that it seems like the Whispers are taking something away from her every time they touch her, which probably means they are trying to get rid of her knowledge of the timeline to prevent her from changing the course of fate. .

Unintentionally or not, FF7 Rebirth will have a Final Destination vibe. As the changes continue to happen, the Whispers will seek to negate the effects of these changes, such as when they forced Wedge to leave the Shinra building to kill him after reliving the moment he died in FF7. This Final Destination style is one of the many new obstacles that FF7 actors now have to overcome in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth.


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