The fever continues! The Squid game now takes over Fortnite


The Netflix series that took the world by storm
Unless you’ve been totally disconnected from the world for the past month, you’ve probably heard of, or may have even seen, The Squid Game. This new Netflix series has become a global phenomenon and is already one of the most viewed content on the platform worldwide.


The success of The Squid Game and its premise has already led it to be imitated. Belgium schools warn that their children are copying their games and GTA Online players created their own versions of the dangerous contests with the help of mods. Now another popular title has just jumped on the bandwagon.

You can now participate in The Squid Game within Fortnite

Thanks to Fortnite’s creative mode, a group of players decided to recreate some of the Squid Game contests. In addition to very faithfully imitating some of the most iconic, they added a real prize for those who manage to overcome all the difficult tests.

The player who manages to overcome the six different events will win a grand prize of V coins, which you use to buy in the item shop. This may help you feel in The Squid Game because you would be competing for something real. Here we leave you the version of Fortnite for you to see.

From what we see in the video, the games can be quite fun, in addition they adapted The Squid Game very well to the gameplay of Fortnite. If it caught your attention and you want to play it, you can find instructions to try this player-created mode in the video description.

With GTA Online and now Fortnite giving us such fun recreations, perhaps when a true video game in the series comes out, people will see it as unnecessary. Netflix should speed up development or it will run out of its piece of the pie.


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