The feud between Madonna and Cardi B has already come to an end


It was fast.

Celebrity feuds can be complicated. If this is not handled correctly, wars can be waged either quietly or on social networks for years. However, when there is mutual respect between the parties involved, misunderstandings can often be resolved without resentment. The latter seems to have happened between Madonna and Cardi B after the rapper disagreed with the actress’ “Their Own League” comments about paving the way for women like Cardi B, Kim Kardashian and Miley Cyrus regarding sexuality in the media. .

Since the feud has seemingly already ended over the weekend, let’s take a look at what happened between the musical icons.

Why did Madonna and Cardi B have a fight?

The feud began after Madonna took to her Instagram stories to reflect on the 30th anniversary of her book “S.E.X.”, saying that at that time she received a lot of criticism from people who tried to shame her for sharing nude images and for describing sexual fantasies. and her attitude to sexuality. She said the years of being called a “whore, witch, heretic and devil” paved the way for a new generation of women who embraced their sexuality.:

Now Cardi B can sing about his WAP. Kim Kardashian can decorate the cover of any magazine with her bare ass, and Miley Cyrus can appear as a wrecking ball. Please, bitches…….🤡

The problem is the clown emoji, because of course no one can argue about how Madonna introduced sex into pop culture in ways that didn’t exist in the 1980s and 90s. Cardi B, who temporarily left Twitter due to previous spats, responded with a series of already deleted tweets, claiming that her point of view could be expressed without disrespect to other women. She said (via Variety):

I literally [paid] homage to this woman so many times because I grew up listening to her… she can get her point across without putting on clown emojis and getting her mouth dirty. These badges are really disappointing once you’re successful in the industry, so I’m keeping to myself.

Cardi B said she was disappointed that someone she respected as a child would behave the way Madonna showed in her Instagram stories.

How did the singers crush their beef?

Shortly after these conversations, Jason Lee of Hollywood Unlocked tweeted that he had spoken on the phone with both women, whose conversation, he said, increased their respect for each other. Madonna and Cardi B seemed to support this story, and the “I Like It” singer shared:

No details of the conversation were disclosed, but she seemed to make it clear to her fans that they could continue their days after exchanging “wonderful” feelings. The veteran musician, who became an actress, responded to this feeling by not only demonstrating love for the artist after the feud, but also suggesting that there had always been respect. Madonna tweeted:

Later, Cardi B took to Instagram Live to discuss the situation a bit, explaining why she was upset with the singer’s first words “Express Yourself” and how she felt after talking with Madonna. You can see what she said below:

It’s nice to see that the two women were able to talk about it politely and (mostly) in private— as Madonna did during a brief feud with Lady Gaga—to put out the flames before more gas was thrown at him. Fire. It’s hard to imagine how there can be no points of contact between artists who have pushed (and continue to push) the boundaries of what women can express through music and performance, each in their own time.


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