The feature removed from Samsung phones is returning!


Most of the smartphones released today do not have a notification LED. Thanks to this small light, users could find out if there was a notification or missed call without opening the phone screen.

With Galaxy Z Fold 3, the notification LED will turn big!

According to the patent shared by LetsGoDigital, Samsung will return to notification LEDs with its foldable phones. The patent shows a huge notification LED placed on the hinge. Since this LED, which can light up in more than one color, is not currently in Fold 2, the only option is the next model, Z Fold 3.

Whether this design, that is, a light placed on the hinge, can affect the functionality is confusing, while the notification lights are generally expected to come to other phones by the majority of users.

If we look at the foldable phone side: Expectations regarding the launch date of the Galaxy Z Fold 3 are focused on the third quarter of 2021. In other words, it is necessary to wait a long time for the introduction of this model.

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