The feature planned for Google Messages


Google Messages is frequently used by Android users. Now Google is working on a new feature for this service. Google Messages is getting smarter thanks to its classification feature.

Developer Hani Mohamed Bioud shared screenshots of Google’s new classification system. It would seem that this feature will provide users with an interface to help them sort their messages into specific headings and find posts in their chosen categories.

How will Google Messages classification feature?

Google Messages includes RCS. RCS briefly involves users messaging with other RCS compatible phone numbers over data connections such as Wi-Fi, and sending photos and videos to other media files.

If the users are disconnected somehow, the application reverts to the normal SMS / MMS mode. Let’s talk about the new message classification feature that is planned to be presented to users.

As it turns out, there will be five headings for users to categorize their posts. Among these sections or categories; There are categories for messages labeled “Personal, Transactions, Single Use Passwords, Ads and More”.


This message categorization system will likely be introduced in the next version of Google Messages, along with an additional supporting feature that will automatically delete messages of single-use passwords. Both new updates are very exciting as a new categorization system will make Google Messages less complex and more organized.

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