The favorite VOD platform in Spain: Netflix


The competition is fierce, and every month the main video-on-demand platforms -VOD- ‘fight’ to win the favor of an audience already fed up with the archaic (and outdated) traditional TV model. People do not want content to be imposed on them, but to be able to choose them. And that’s what Netflix, HBO, Movistar, Amazon Prime Video, Filmin, etc. do every month.

But which of them is the favorite of the Spanish?

The favorite VOD platform in Spain

The DataCentric company, an expert in online metrics, Big Data, ‘insights’ and others, has drawn up “a portrait of Spain based on its favorite brands”, to review the tastes of Spaniards in various categories -beers, detergent, gas stations, etc.

And in the field of VOD, based on “the result of 35,000 digital surveys to a national level of Internet users over 18 years old” the taste is clear: NETFLIX is the absolute winner, the national king with 55.4% of the votes and a dominant presence in all the communities of the country.

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