The favorite mobile companies of the Spanish


In today’s society, few things define us more than the brands we consume: whether they be products, services or, increasingly, in the format of experiences.

According to the DataCentric company, an expert in online metrics, Big Data, ‘insights’ and others, “especially in the younger generations, identities are built in relation to reference brands and, knowing this, companies compete not only in sales but also in recognition, built through the association of its brands with a series of values ​​”.

The favorite mobile companies in Spain

For this reason, Data Centric has carried out a study to see which are the favorite brands of Spaniards in different areas – supermarkets, gas stations, detergents, beers. Here we have seen that Netflix is ​​the favorite on VOD platforms, but what about mobile companies?

Based on the result of 7,600 digital surveys “in a national scope to Internet users over 18 years old”, and carried out between February and May 2020, in the North, South and East of Spain, Vodafone reigns, which takes first place in As for the country’s favorite operator.

It is followed in second position by Orange, which has a good fiefdom in the interior of the peninsula and Melilla. The absence of Telefónica on the map and of Euskaltel, which historically has been predominant in the Basque territories, stands out greatly. The national ranking is led by Vodafone (29.8%), followed by Orange (24.3%) and with Telefónica in third place (15.2%).


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