The father of a Pokemon fan made an incredible pinball machine on the theme of Pokemon


A Pokemon fan has shared a video showing off an incredible new Pokemon-themed pinball machine made by their father, which includes many items from the franchise. The Pokemon Pinball series has faded into the background over the years, as other Pokemon games such as Legends: Arceus, Sword and Shield and others have come out. However, this fan has his own pinball machine, which will not look out of place in retro games.

The last Pokemon Pinball game released was on the Game Boy Advance, and it was released back in 2003, and later received a virtual console port on the Wii U in 2014. from the bottom up in Pokemon-themed products, including collectible cards, plush toys and copies of Poke Ball. Given that the Pokemon Pinball series hasn’t had updates for quite some time, Bosgetti can replicate the experience on its new pinball machine, which has mostly unchanged mechanics for proper game simulation.

Bosgetti’s clip of their pinball machine begins with him circling around the front of it, highlighting the score screen, which features an impressive fan art of Ash Ketchum’s iconic pose behind his most popular Pokemon, Pikachu. There is a Pokedex next to the front of the case, and inside the pinball machine there are 15 different types of pokeballs, among which Love Ball, Mast Ball, Sport Ball and Park Ball are clearly visible. Under the coin slots needed to activate the pinball game, there are the first glimpses of Pokemon collectible cards and a Poke Ball sticker, which further limits the available space outside the slot machine.

[OC] My dad took an old pinball machine and turned it into an unsurpassed Pokemon-style pinball machine! from pokemon

On the right side of the Pokemon pinball machine, there are collectible cards of several generations, from a pair of Pokemon Gen 1 sets to later sets, which are further emphasized by eight TCG Pokemon jars stacked at the top of the device. Bridging the gap between these two stacks of cans is a TCG Pokemon sign that would look familiar in a hobby or game store, with Pikachu, Charmander and Snorlax toys filling the empty space underneath. On the back of the Pokemon pinball machine there are the most legible Pokemon collectible cards of all surfaces, with Foongus, Gastly, Wigglytuff, Rare Candy and many others. The left side of the device reflects the other, but includes Pokemon cards such as Caterpillar, Magikarp, Kangaskhan and Seedot, unlike Chansey, Voltorb, Tangela and Weepinbell.

While many Pokemon fans expressed their appreciation for the creativity of the pinball machine, one specific response noted the use of transparent panels to highlight Pokemon collectible cards as a “brilliant idea.”


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