The fate of the E3 2021 event becomes clear


The fate of the E3 fair, which could not be held last year due to the coronavirus epidemic, this year began to be evident. Accordingly, work continues without slowing down to organize the E3 2021 event to be digital in June.

We will participate digitally in E3 2021

It is reported that ESA, which organizes the E3 fair where innovations in the game industry and high-budget games are introduced every year, is planning a virtual event for 2021. Although the allegations have not been confirmed yet, significant changes will be waiting for gamers in this year’s version of the event. The event, detailed by VCG, will take place between 15-17 June. In addition, ESA will undertake some philanthropic activities outside of the main exhibition hours.

For the event, two-hour programs focusing on specific games and broadcasters, with a question and answer concept, are planned. ESA also wishes to create more self-exposure for small-scale games by holding a pre-gala on June 14th. Thus, it is aimed that such games will be more recognized by publishers, players and media.

Considering the information obtained, it is planned to allow media members to access games the week before the E3 2021 event. There is also the potential for anyone to gain access to games and demos through consumer platforms (such as Steam). Thus, it is desired to be a more active event with previews to be published before the fair.


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