The fate of Maggie Greene in Robert Kirkman’s comics


When it comes to The Walking Dead’s main characters, few have been as essential to the series as Maggie Rhee (née Greene). During her years on the show, she went from being a sweet but tough farmer to a tough woman ready to lead her own team of survivors.

Played with charm and an often stealthy earnestness by Lauren Cohan, AMC’s The Walking Dead’s Maggie makes up a large part of the show’s emotional core. Although we first got to know her as Glenn’s love interest, she quickly developed an identity and significance far beyond her romantic dealings.

In the comics, Maggie has been equally vital to the success of the story. Robert Kirkman first introduced her in Issue 10, and since then she has been involved, to some degree, in many of the series’ most memorable plots.

As in the first season 2 of AMC’s The Walking Dead, comic book readers met Maggie after Otis accidentally shot Carl. And, similarly, she took Glenn pretty quickly.

Despite all the death and destruction Maggie has faced in The Walking Dead comics, she has seen glimpses of hope. Her son with Glenn was born healthy and strong, and she named him Hershel (for obvious reasons). Her relationship with Sophia has blossomed and she has enjoyed watching the young woman grow into hers.

She has even had the prospect of a new romance with her Hilltopper partner, Dante. Although he made known her feelings for Maggie, she gently disappointed him, saying that she only had room in her heart for Glenn. She remains to be seen if that will always be the case. But between her interpersonal drama and the ongoing war with the Whisperers, it’s clear that Maggie’s story in The Walking Dead comics is far from over.


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