The Fate of Captain America’s Finale Reveals Thor’s Best Ending in the MCU


Captain America’s ending in Avengers: Finale may actually be the best tactic for Thor’s farewell to the MCU. As Chris Hemsworth stars in his fourth MCU solo adventure, Thor: Love and Thunder, it seems his character’s story is nearing its final conclusion. The original member of the Avengers spent enough time on the screen, but with the appearance of new heroes on the stage, it may soon be time to say goodbye.

For a while, the MCU closed the chapter on the original Avengers to make room for a host of other heroes in Marvel’s arsenal. Tony and Nat sacrificed themselves in the Infinity saga, and Steve returned to the 1940s to live his life with Peggy. Hawkeye strongly hinted that Kate Bishop will take the mantle from Clint, and the Hulk Woman seems to be going the same way, and Bruce/Professor Hulk is helping Jennifer with her powers. It remains only to link the story of the Thunder God, and copying Steve’s fate in the Finale may be the best way.

Thor Odinson is an almost immortal Scandinavian god, and because of this it would be more difficult to give him a proper MCU ending. However, Steve’s conclusion may be right for him. Steve doesn’t die or retire, he just exists off-screen, which also makes sense for Thor. Thus, Thor can still live and possibly even still work as a hero in some capacity without disappearing from the MCU forever.

While this is a great option for Thor, the Captain America finale was also somewhat controversial. The idea that he would leave a happy ending with Bucky after looking for him for so long, and also return to Peggy, despite knowing that she was gone and had her own family, was not felt within the framework of the Steve Rogers character. . Nevertheless, he was not traumatically killed, but simply left alive behind the scenes. Against the backdrop of victims and a broken heart, his ending showed that not every hero’s story should end in death, which determines the ideal ending of Thor in the MCU.

Thor became a fan favorite after his character was redesigned by Taika Waititi. He is charismatic, strong and complex, and it would be a pity to lose him as he is on such a winning streak in the MCU. However, Thor’s story has to end sometime, and when his chapter really comes to an end, the peaceful send-off in which he lives the rest of his days off-screen seems like a good enough way for the character to leave his permanent life. a place in the MCU. In addition, if he decides to continue his heroic exploits behind the scenes, they can also become good Easter eggs. News reports could cover his recent victories, or perhaps they could be talked about at Kamala Khan School or Peter Parker College to continue paying homage to the hero behind the scenes.

Thor has been really eventful in the MCU, and while viewers would love to see Hemsworth play this role for as long as he can, it seems quite reasonable that the character will eventually leave to make room for new heroes. Captain America’s ending was understated, but incredibly effective. It seemed that the hero, who once lived in chaos, finally found some kind of peace behind the scenes, which Thor absolutely deserves.