the famous actor dedicated emotional words to Jimin


A well-known Korean celebrity declared himself an ARMY of BTS and expressed his great admiration for Jimin. Look who it is!

While an ocean of ARMY is a fan of Jimin, the BTS singer has won over a South Korean celebrity and the latter does not shy away from letting the world know about it.

Recently, South Korean actor Kim Kap Soo took to Weverse to reveal that he is a fan of Mochi.

The actor, who has appeared in various series including Hospital Playlist, Mr Sunshine, and The K2, took to the social media platform to reveal that he is also a proud member of ARMY.

The actor’s message was shared by several fans on Twitter. Renowned ARMY member Soo Choi also shared the screenshot and translated it.

The message began with Kim Kap Soo revealing that he recently met ChimChim and his mother at a restaurant.

Kim Kap Soo was sorry to publicly declare himself a Jimin fan

The actor confessed to being embarrassed before revealing that he was also an ARMY and signed up for Weverse today. He prayed that the singer stays healthy.

“Jimin-ah, do you remember me? We greeted each other at the restaurant when you were with your mother … it’s embarrassing but I’m an ARMY too. I signed up today. Always stay healthy ~ congratulations!” Your message.

According to a Korean post, the actor’s agency confirmed that the actor approached the Bangtan Boy on the platform. They also confirmed that the actor joined the fan club (ARMY) paid membership.

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Our hearts are melting! We can’t wait to hear what Jimin has to say to the famous actor. Surely Mochi must be more than flattered that Kim Kap Soo is his fan.


In Somagnews we have told you about some of the occasions in which several celebrities from different countries have expressed their love for the interpreters of “Dynamite”. And now that new music is about to be released, surely more people will join the army of fans. Do you think Jimin will respond to actor Kim Kap Soo?
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