The family is looking for a vampire host in the trailer for Let The Right In


The teaser trailer for the movie “Let the Right One In” offers the first look at a new vampire story based on a classic Swedish work. John Eyde Lindqvist’s novel of the same name became a highly acclaimed film in 2008, followed by a poorly received 2010 American remake titled Let Me In. Last year, Showtime ordered a TV adaptation in which Oscar nominee Demian Bichir led the series as the father of a young vampire girl who must feed on blood to survive.

Now Showtime presents the official trailer, which shows that the premiere of the series will take place on October 7, 2022. The footage begins with Madison Taylor Baez as the vampire Eleanor, who probably just ate because of the blood on her mouth. Mark Bichira speaks of several tense scenes, saying, “We only stayed alive because we knew when to run.” In the following scenes, Mark takes care of his daughter and several characters in dangerous situations.

Mark’s dialogue confirms the setup for the Showtime adaptation, in which the family moves to a new neighborhood to escape persecution due to Eleanor’s vampire nature. The trailer also shows Ian Foreman’s Isaiah with Eleanor, a serialized version of Oscar and Eli from the source material. The two are likely to have the same relationship as their book counterparts, although Isaiah’s mother, a detective, raises the stakes for Mark and Eleanor. Additional dialogue suggests that the family will be looking for the vampire who turned Eleanor, who may be another being revealed at the end of the exciting teaser “Let the Right One in.”


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