The false email from the Tax Agency


We are all the Treasury, and for this reason, and if you have an email, you receive emails from the Spanish Tax Agency. But be careful if you receive one these days with an alarmist tone pointing out that your bank account has been suspended or that you have to pay a pending charge, because there is a Phishing scam campaign that has supplanted the official entity.

The fake email from the Tax Agency

Cybersecurity experts from the Kaspersky company have detected a new phishing campaign that, through fraudulent emails, impersonates the Tax Agency’s identity, urging users to file the declaration or make a pending payment on the tax of the rent.

The emails usually have as a title:

– “Judicial blockade”

– “Bank account suspended”

– “Payment Reminder”

These contain different types of links for the user to click and download malware onto their device. To do this, cybercriminals use different methods, such as attaching a tax receipt, or an invoice with the amount to be paid. The sender’s address carries the government domain “”, which according to Kaspersky is “easily falsifiable”.


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