The Fall, free game on the Epic Games Store


The next free game will be Creature in the Well, which will be available from March 25. The Epic Games Store has already made a new free game available to all players. This is The Fall, a title that can be downloaded permanently, as is usual in promotions on this platform. Thus, those who claim the product until March 25 will have the opportunity to add it to their libraries permanently. After the deadline, it will be replaced by the next free game, Creature in the Well.

The Fall is a dark science fiction game where we meet ARID, an artificial intelligence specialized in combat. One normal day, she activates and discovers that the human pilot is unconscious, so she needs urgent medical help. Due to her scheduling, she is forced to seek the required medical attention. However, she is torn between controlling the suit or helping her partner, so he comes to question her own programming.

Conceived as an action adventure game, The Fall introduces puzzles and allows the player to interact with the world. The weapon gives us the ability to point and shoot, but it also works as a flashlight, an element of exploration. Think, fight, explore, those are the concepts that are handled in the work of Over the Moon. It is a painful awakening, but an awakening after all.

How to download it on PC

First of all, you need an account on the Epic Games Store.
If you do not have it, just register for free at this link
Fill in the different fields (name, surname, username, email address and password) and choose if you want to receive commercial information.
Accept the terms of service and follow the steps to activate your account.
Activate the two-step verification process.
Once you have access, enter the link above in this news and redeem the video game.
Download the client in the following link
You can now access your library and run the games!


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