The Falconeer Will Be Released on PS4, PS5 and Switch This Year


The Falconeer game had a very interesting announcement this week, as it has been confirmed that it will be available for the PS4, PS5 and Nintendo Switch in the second half of this year. According to developer Tomas Sala, the version entitled “Warrior Edition” should arrive on these consoles on August 5, and all DLCs will be included from the beginning.

This is not just limited to free updates, as the game will also feature paid DLCs released in recent months, including The Kraken, The Hunter, Atun’s Folly and the unprecedented Edge of the World expansion, which will arrive on the same day as this new one version of the game. This latest content pack features new side missions, more locations added to the map, new items and a story to follow.

Of course, those who had already purchased the original version of the game on Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S or PC will also have the opportunity to take advantage of this expansion, but it will have to be purchased individually. A boring price to pay for the chance to play the game before others.

It is also worth mentioning that The Falconeer: Warrior Edition will have other improvements, such as the re-recording of the characters’ voice acting and a much more intuitive and fluid tutorial in the game’s prologue. Very interesting for those who had not yet had the opportunity to try the title on Xbox or PC, don’t you think ?! And you, do you plan to purchase the new version on your Sony or Nintendo console?


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