The Falconeer, taking to the skies of the new generation


We tested for a few hours the playable demo of The Falconeer, a game for PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S planned for next November 10 and that aims very high in the independent scene.

To talk about The Falconeer, we must first talk about Tomas Sala, its creator, director, programmer and main creative force alone. The Dutch developer is not exactly a newcomer to the video game industry; In 2001, in the midst of a less edifying panorama in his country for the video game, he co-founded Little Chicken Game Company, determined to carve out a niche in a disinterested panorama in this industry. The beginnings were hard, with a lot of commissioned work, advergames (games made for advertising purposes) and all kinds of products that don’t usually appear in video game magazines but are the bread that keeps countless studios afloat around the world. As they were consolidated, they were finding their own voice and beginning to produce their own titles, with a marked objective in mobiles and F2P. Sala’s facet as a programmer and artist is noted in several of these titles in which he has participated as part of the team or alone, although it is in Oberon’s Court, a canceled RTS set in the Arthurian legends from which many elements of the current one are born. The Falconeer. In addition, the developer is solely responsible for the total conversion of Skyrim: Moonpath to Elsewyr, a brilliant and very downloaded work in which for the first we saw what a jungle could look like with a base designed to recreate snowy mountain landscapes.

As a result of this multidisciplinary interest and the experience accumulated in 18 years of career, Tomas Sala launched himself in a solo project to combine two of his passions: flying games and 17th and 18th century landscapes dotted with boats, a constant in a nation so tied to the sea as Holland. Weaving these and other influences has shaped this The Falconeer, one of the most prominent games at the Steam autumn fair -which serves to give visibility to some of the most interesting projects planned for the next six months-, and also one of the games that will serve as the indie spearhead for the launch of Series X | S, with an advanced version released simultaneously with respect to the also present version of Xbox One. Through the playable demo in compatible we have been able to play a few hours and everything aim for a title with great potential.


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