The Falconeer is a great void in a beautiful setting


I keep imagining the difficulty of a developer who decides to create a game on his own. Take care of art, soundtrack, game design, mechanics, among other points. I think it is a task for geniuses and we know that they are rare. Over the years we have had several success stories. How to forget the great River Raid, made by Carol Shaw, for Atari? And Spelunky, created by Derek Yu and Stardew Valley, who was in charge of Eric Barone?

The Falconeer follows the same premise of these titles. It was made entirely by one person, called Tomas Sala. Resident of the Netherlands, the independent artist became well known after making the mod Moonpath to Elsweyr, for Skyrim. The modifications greatly improved the game’s landscapes with 2K textures.

Fly and fly

In the game, you command a falcon, which will have several goals to be made. They are all divided into major and minor missions. In the main one, which serves to continue throughout history, you must destroy enemies, protect locations and even make deliveries. On certain occasions you will even have to save other birds from complicated situations.

In side quests, you collect money to make your bird better prepared for adventures and challenges. Among the elements that can be purchased, we have documents that allow entry in some regions, as well as upgrades and perks to increase the falcon’s ability. It is possible to leave it faster, with more strength and even with several ammunition to face enemies.


One of the great strengths of the game is its art. It could not be otherwise, as this is one of Sala’s great expertise. The game is beautiful throughout, from the conception of the hawks, even the scenery, with stunning clouds and seas. It is interesting to keep in mind that the title deviates from the premise of super realistic games. The Falconeer seeks an artistic identity and Sala nailed it.

It is worth highlighting the change in climate, the winds that blow in the middle of the ocean to the characters, who, however immersive and make you die of love for them, have a unique charisma. The visual effects are wonderful, as are the enemies, usually portrayed by unique war machines and dragons.


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