The Falcon and The Winter Soldier: Will John Walker become a villain?


The Falcon and The Winter Soldier: Marvel and Disney + have released a new teaser for the next episode of Hawk and the Winter Soldier indicating that John Walker, the new Captain America, may be a villain this season. With only three episodes remaining until the end of the series, it looks like Sam, Bucky and Walker will clash as they try to find out more about the serum that creates super soldiers.

Check out the trailer for the new episode below:

More details of Hawk and the Winter Soldier

The series is part of the 4th phase of the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) and accompanies Steve Rogers’ two best friends, the original Captain America and who decided to go back in time to be with his beloved in The Avengers: Ultimatum.

John Walker has now been chosen by the US government to continue Steve’s legacy, but Sam and Bucky disagree with the policy.

In the teaser, Walker appears on his knees while holding Captain America’s shield full of blood. As in the comics the character is known for taking his nationalism to extremes, he can be a threat to Falcão and the former Winter Soldier.

In the last episode of the Marvel series released by Disney +, Walker learns that Sam and Bucky were in prison on the same day that Zemo ran away. Therefore, he decides to go after the two heroes and even goes so far as to comment that he can do so by “unofficial means”.

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