The Falcon and the Winter Soldier: Emmy inscription indicates possible 2nd season


The Falcon and the Winter Soldier: In the next edition of the Emmy Awards, scheduled for September 19, 2021, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier will compete in the category of Best Drama Series. That way, Marvel’s production will not compete directly with WandaVision. And, in that sense, the registration may also reveal the possibility of a renewal for the 2nd season.

Information on Marvel’s current intentions was reported by the IndieWire portal. However, the considered considerations indicate that the company only wants to have the chance of winning in two different categories.

Nate Moore, vice president of production and development at Marvel Studios, said in an official statement that the decision came naturally.

“[The decision] came more or less during the release of the series, but it was something we were thinking about during filming, because it looks like a more dramatic series than other typical productions,” explained Moore.

“As this is one of our first forays into television, even though it is shown by Disney +, we believe [the category] is appropriate for what the series is trying to address,” he concluded.

Learn more about the possibility of Falc√£o and the Winter Soldier having a 2nd season

Although Nate Moore, who is also one of the executive producers for The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, said that Marvel “always has the possibility”, there is still no official confirmation about the renewal of the series.

“Hopefully, at the end of the current season, the audience will see great potential about what we could count on in a new season,” he commented.

Even though Kevin Feige, the president of Marvel Studios, previously stated that all producers would be open to the possibility of new seasons, the two series featured on Disney + to date are still being treated as miniseries.

Let’s wait for more news!


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