The Fake Audio That Runs On WhatsApp: You Don’t Have To Validate Your Account Or Lose It


WhatsApp: The normal thing in terms of hoaxes and scams is to receive a message with a link to a fraudulent website to give our data or download a false app or permission full of malware. But this is different. This is an audio: It is a voice memo that runs from chat to chat being forwarded by the entire application. A note that everything he says is basically false.

The fake audio of WhatsApp

“Hello, I’m Karelis Hernández, director of WhatsApp”, this is how the audio begins, and from the outset it can be said that it is false because that Karelis is not the director of WhatsApp. The CEO (chief executive officer) of WhatsApp since 2019 is Will Cathcart, before it was Chris Daniels and before that, Jan Koum, one of the co-founders. Therefore, what he is going to say next is no longer credible.

And it is that what follows is this lady claiming that there are only 500 accounts available to create in WhatsApp before no more can be done, and that to validate and not lose yours you must “forward this message to each of the people in your contact list ”, and thus your WhatsApp account will be confirmed and the service will continue to be free.

There are not only 500 WhatsApp accounts left

Where does this hoax come from? Well, it is certainly very old, because it is no less than 4 years old since we first heard it, and it has been circulating since 2017, only now it has returned. It has been the MalditoBulo website that has echoed this return, but already in 2017 oysters such as the OSI (Office of Internet Security) exposed and denounced it.

Even WhatsApp did not make in 2017 or now any official announcement on its blog that it was going to be paid or that there were so few accounts left – its blog is the only official source site on the app.

In summary: Be careful not to account for those audios forwarded in bulk, because most of the time they are usually false. Nothing happens to your WhatsApp account, nor are you going to pay for it or lose it, nor do you need to validate it. So if you get this voice memo, please delete it directly.


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