The Facebook Stream page becomes customizable!


Facebook users will be able to choose how many messages from friends, groups or Pages they will see in the Feed.

Facebook has decided to change some of its policies after a recent drop in profit figures. The company that shut down unpopular apps is now focusing more on its core services. The popular social media app is updating its Stream section for this purpose.

Facebook Stream will now be what the user wants

With the update, users will now be able to choose how many messages they will see in the Stream, from friends, groups or pages. Thus, Facebook states that they will act in accordance with user feedback and will develop their artificial intelligence.

Until now, Facebook has only allowed you to hide messages from people you’ve subscribed to or suggested. With the update, users will be able to choose between “show more” or “show less” for posts they encounter. Thus, the posts you encounter will change, and Facebook’s artificial intelligence will evolve and add more relevant posts to the stream.

This parameter will appear for the first time at certain intervals in the messages that appear on the main page. After that, you can make the necessary settings by clicking on the “three dots” in the upper right corner of the post for all reposts.

Facebook is also creating a new set of parameters to adjust the number of messages shared by friends and family. Users will have access to the options “Normal”, “Show less” and “Show more”, which will also be applied to groups, pages and public personalities.

Recently, Facebook users have encountered many messages that they did not want to see. Facebook seems to be solving one of the most common problems that users complain about with updates.

Instagram,¬†Facebook and Meta, the umbrella company, seems to want to please its users more with its latest updates. Let’s see how effective the new updates will be? So, what do you think about the new Stream update for Facebook? You can share your opinion with us in the comments section.


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