The Face of Millie Bobby Brown From The TV Series “Stranger Things” Is Shaded By This Netflix Star For The Best Stars of 2022


Millie Bobby Brown has blown up the Internet with her radiant style and chic choice of outfits. Her Instagram has become a platform where she regularly flaunts something new in the trend. From high-waisted denim shorts to ball gowns and a bright red bikini, she has wowed fans. Well, this year not only fashion has changed dramatically, but her career has skyrocketed, as in 2022 the actress signed several high-budget projects.


The teenage superstar took third place among the highest paid artists after earning the biggest salary in her life with the help of Enola Holmes 2. It is very exciting that she started as a young girl and now has millions of fans around the world. However, this popular face from “Stranger Things” was recently overshadowed by this Netflix star in the list of the best stars of 2022. Let’s see who is charming enough to replace the inspirational queen of Generation Z.

The star of the TV series “Very strange things” deprived of the attention of Millie Bobby Brown on IMDb

The review aggregator site IMDb recently shared the best stars of this year on its platform. After her flawless performance in “Stranger Things 4” and “Enola Holmes 2”, Brown took sixth place in the list. The actress, who became a producer, demonstrated her talent by slightly delaying viewers on the Netflix screen.

However, this year was also a breakthrough for new faces in the mega-hit supernatural series of the Duffer brothers. It includes fan favorite Joseph Quinn, widely known as Metalhead Eddie Munson. The 28-year-old star has certainly eclipsed the beloved psychokinetic child Eleven with her unique presence in the series.

Now the “Les Miserables” star has done it again, taking fourth place on IMDb’s Top 10 Artists list. “In one year, Joseph Quinn became the unlikely hero of season 4 of Very Strange Cases, made Dungeons & Dragons popular and helped sell millions of Hellfire Club T-shirts,” the website says.

Meanwhile, the list also includes the biggest villain of 2022, Jamie Campbell Bower, aka Vecna, a psychological sorcerer. The incarnation of this D&D monster was the most terrifying thing fans saw in 2022. His physical behavior and hoarse voice had a huge impact on the plot of “Stranger Things”. And now fans are waiting for a showdown between two powerful supernatural characters.

What do you think? Will the Duffer brothers bring Eddie back at the request of his huge fandom?


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