The explanation that upset the players came for PS5!


After Microsoft will appear before the players with two new consoles, the console market has become active. After the successive announcements from Microsoft, the PlayStation 5 price and release date were announced recently. However, the annoying claims turned out to be true; PlayStation 5 will be upset about backward compatibility.

PlayStation 5 is in the shadow of the Xbox when it comes to backward compatibility!

Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan told Famitsu after the PS5 Showcase that they are considering the demands of more than 100 million PlayStation 4 users around the world and will offer almost 99 percent backward compatibility.

In other words, it will be possible to play almost all PS4 games on Sony’s new console. While Jim Ryan’s statement made faces laugh, it broke bad news for those who owned an older console.

Ryan said PS5 compatibility with the PS3 and older Sony consoles was “not provided”. There are not many examples in Sony’s history to suggest that they will make the PS5 compatible with these older consoles.

However, Microsoft is releasing four generations of games on the Xbox Series X, so it was wondering whether Sony would do it.

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