The explanation of each time traveler in “The Outlander”


There were a lot of time travelers in the Starz series “Outlander”, and here are all the explanations. Although Outlander is primarily a historical romantic drama, it is also considered a fantasy with magical realism due to the use of magical time travel. Based on a series of books by Diana Gabeldon, the TV show Outlander, which has been running since 2014, initially focuses on time travel by Claire Randall (Katrina Balfe), but throughout the series she realizes that she is not the only one with this special ability.

In the original premise of Outlander, Claire is a former World War II nurse who is vacationing with her husband Frank (Tobias Menzies) in 1945 in Scotland. After accidentally passing through standing stones in Craig na Dun, Claire is transported back in time to Scotland in 1746, where she soon meets a group of rebellious highlanders from the Mackenzie clan, including Jamie Fraser (Sam Heughan), whom she initially marries for protection, but soon falls in love.

The expansion of the scale of the series and the presence of more time travelers in “Outlander”, in addition to Claire, makes the story more interesting. Although the mechanics of time travel in Outlander are not entirely clear, the use of time travel is fun and fascinating because it places additional stakes in the plot. Interestingly, the power of the stones does not work on everyone; when Jamie touches them, nothing happens, which proves that time travel is an ability that only certain characters in the world of “Outlander” possess. Stones are the gateway to portals in time, but it takes the right person to make their powers work. Here is a study of every famous time traveler featured in the TV show “Outlander”.

Claire Fraser

Although she is not the first person to have time travel in Outlander, Claire is the first person to use this ability. Claire spends most of the first season trying to find a way to return to the 20th century, although her journey is difficult because the Mackenzie clan needs her healing abilities. When a pregnant Claire returns to the future in the second season of Outlander, she is transported not to 1945, but three years later, showing that a lot of time has passed since she first traveled through the stones. In 1968, Claire decides to return through the stones. She finds herself once again traveling 202 years back in time; it’s 1765 when she returns to 18th century Scotland.

Claire guesses that gems are the key to her successful time travel; the first time she passed, she was wearing a jeweled watch, and when she returns to the 20th century, she is wearing a ring that Jamie gave her. There is no concrete evidence of this theory in the universe, but perhaps gems will help in the journey. Claire’s love for Jamie also helps her travel through time; it’s a powerful force that helps her “pull” her into the past.

Geillis Duncan

Geilis (Lotte Verbeek) is the first time traveler Claire meets in Outlander. After Claire travels to Scotland for the first time in 1743, Geillis suspects that Claire is from the future. Geillis is a time traveler from the 1960s, originally named Gillian Edgars; in 1968, she walks through the stones to ensure the success of the Jacobite Rising of 1745. While in 18th-century Scotland, she has an affair with Dougal Mackenzie, a supporter of the Jacobite cause that Bonnie Prince Charlie fought for in Outlander. Geillis is convicted of witchcraft, but is saved from hanging because she is pregnant with Dougal’s son, William Buckley Mackenzie, who is ultimately the ancestor of Roger Mackenzie.

Back in 1968, Geilis devoted himself to uncovering the secret of time travel. She mistakenly believes that a bloody sacrifice is necessary, and kills her first husband before walking through the stones. In the third season of Outlander, even after Claire says that a sacrifice is not needed, Geilis tries to sacrifice Young Ian (John Bell). Geillis is a charming and imperfect character whose passion for Scotland eventually becomes her undoing.

Master Raymond

Master Raymond (Dominique Pinon) is an apothecary with whom Claire became friends when she lived in Paris in early 1744, according to the chronology of the second season of The Outlander. Claire became friends with Raymond after she came to his store to find a potion that would help Jamie fall asleep. Raymond and Claire are soulmates, as they both heal people, and he becomes Claire’s close ally in a city where she feels out of place. In season 2 of Outlander, episode 4, “La Dame Blanche”, Claire is poisoned by Count Saint-Germain (Stanley Weber), and Raymond comes to her rescue. This episode also makes it clear that Raymond is a time traveler and is fascinated by things that are “not from this time.”