The expected theme option has arrived to Google Search


Popular search engine Google has finally started to distribute the dark theme option to users in desktop searches. Currently, this feature is not available to everyone. However, some lucky users encounter an information message from Google that they may switch to dark mode during their search.

It was learned about a month ago that Google started testing the dark mode option for desktop searches. However, the company refrained from giving its users any exact dates on this matter. While it was a matter of curiosity when the expected feature will be released, now the first signals are coming!

Dark theme option for Google searches has arrived

Google transferred the dark theme option to Android and iOS apps much earlier. However, desktop searches can appear dark now, albeit late. Of course, this does not apply to every user. Only some lucky users can benefit from this feature. Unfortunately, the reason for this has not been disclosed. But on the bright side, the black interface seems to be quite a while away from being widely used!

Maybe you might be among the users who made early use of Google Search’s dark theme option. If this right is granted to you, you will see a window like this in your searches:

If you see “Dark theme now available” on your Google tab, that’s a good omen! You can instantly access a jet-black view by clicking the “Open” button right away. If you check the “No thanks” button, it will probably be difficult to encounter this notification for a while. Therefore, we recommend that you confirm the warning and then close it. In this way, it is possible to change the theme whenever you want.

In recent years, many social media platforms have started to adopt the dark mode option. Instagram, Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, YouTube, Twitter and many more services give this option to their users. Even Microsoft Word documents have had this theme option for a while. We hope to see this feature on many more platforms soon. Because the dark appearance reduces eye fatigue and benefits the user in energy savings.

What about the dark theme option visible on your Google search page? You can share with us in the comments section.


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