The expected Google Assistant feature is coming soon


New developments continue to occur regarding the Google Assistant feature for Android, which was announced by Google a long time ago. As far as it is understood, Google will soon begin to deliver the new feature, which it said will come before, to Android users.

New Android Google Assistant feature getting ready to go live

First of all, Google announced the Google Assistant driving mode for Android in 2019. When it was first announced, it was expected to be used in models with Android operating system in the near future. However, after a long time, Google Assistant driving mode is not available for Android.

Google Assistant özelliği

A short while ago, the details of the Google Assistant driving mode were included in the scope of Android. However, it is still not an officially activated feature by Google.

As far as it is understood, Google seems to have done all the work on the Android operating system side for the new Google Assistant feature. Although the release date is not officially announced, it seems possible to say that the driving mode will be active in a short time.


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