The Expected Feature Has Come To The Galaxy S21 Series!


Galaxy S21, the youngest name of Samsung’s S generation, has received the expected software support with the new update.

Although rumors about the Galaxy S22 series are not on the agenda at the moment, the Galaxy S21 is currently the newest member of the S generation. One of the expected innovations for this series was the OneUI 4.0 update. This big update had finally started to be distributed and brought many innovations with it. One of the most notable arrivals with the update was noticed hours after the update’s release.

Galaxy S21 series got e-SIM support

The version of the Galaxy S21 sold in some regions does not have dual SIM support. This prevented the use of two lines in a flagship device. It seems that it came with the OneUI 4.0 update, which started to be distributed yesterday, and now e-SIM is also supported by the device. After this stage, all you need to use e-SIM is to talk to your operator.

So now you can use e-SIM on Galaxy S21 and if you have a single SIM supported version, you can use two lines in total. It was a pity that this feature, which is available on some flagship smartphones, is not available on the Galaxy S21. Glad to see that this support has finally been added as software.

What is e-SIM? How is it different from SIM?

Thanks to this technology there is no need for physical lines. You can define a line on your device by scanning the QR code you received from your operator. So you don’t have to worry about changing lines. Another of the biggest advantages of e-SIM is that it offers us the opportunity to use two lines, one physical and one e-SIM, at the same time. And even if you have a device with dual SIM support, you can increase the number of available lines to 3.

If you are a Galaxy S21 user, all you need to do is check for updates. The update, which activates the e-SIM feature, is currently distributed in stages. If you receive a notification that the OneUI 4.0 update is available to install, you should install it.