The expected feature for macOS is finally coming!


As it is known, previously, 4K content could not be displayed on safari devices on Mac devices. Users who wanted to view 4K content had to use Google Chrome or another browser. The long-awaited feature is finally coming! Here are all the details

4K video can now be watched with macOS Big Sur!

Apple did not support content in Safari 4K resolution because it does not support the Google VP9 video codec. Finally, Apple started supporting the Google VP9 codec in the fourth beta of macOS Big Sur, which it released recently.

Now users can watch 4K resolution videos via Safari on Mac devices with macOS Big Sur update without using another browser. In addition to MacOS, Apple’s other software updates to be released in 2020 will also support the codec.

While most Apple TV and Mac devices have a screen that can be watched in 4K resolution, an iPhone or iPad model does not currently support 4K resolution. However, we can say that it is a good step for the models to be released in the coming years.

It is unknown whether this feature is still in beta version, it will still be supported in stable version

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