The Exorcism Of God Terrifies With Its New Trailer And Images: Possessions And Demons


The Exorcism: The new horror film with demonic possessions and exorcisms by Alejandro Hidalgo presents its official trailer and poster: release date. The Exorcism of God, the new and terrifying film of exorcisms and demonic possessions from Saban Films and directed by the Venezuelan filmmaker Alejandro Hidalgo, presents its shocking final trailer along with the official poster and a good handful of images, all to confirm its release date. Theatrical release and streaming platforms: March 11, 2022.

Tribute to the classic The Exorcist

The new trailer for The Exorcism of God that you can see heading this news introduces us to the nightmare of a priest named Peter Williams (Will Beinbrink) who is considered a saint by the inhabitants of a town in Mexico after many years helping the community. Although in reality Peter hides a dark secret; 18 years ago he performed a failed exorcism and the time has come to face his demons after several possessions that have taken place in that town.

Directed by Alejandro Hidalgo (The House at the End of Time) and starring the American Will Beinbrinck, the Englishman Joseph Marcell (the mythical butler Geoffrey in the series The Prince of Bel-Air) and the Venezuelan María Gabriela de Faría, it is a American, Venezuelan and Mexican co-production, spoken in English.

“The Exorcism of God is based on supernatural horror and the religious foundations of Catholicism, thus obtaining a mixture of the best conventions of contemporary horror. The story revolves around a priest who, after being possessed by the devil, commits a terrible act, for which he is forced to face that demon within himself to face his sins, ”said the director. .

Along with the trailer, we can already enjoy the final poster and a good handful of terrifying images of a film that will be released in theaters and on streaming platforms on March 11, 2022.