The Excitement of Billlie Singing the Debut Song ‘Ring X Ring’ in Indonesian


Girl group member Billlie recently sang their debut song in Indonesian. Billlie is a rookie girl group made by the Mystic Story agency which recently made its debut with the song ‘Ring X Ring‘.

Now member Billlie is present as a guest star in the latest episode of ‘TRANSONGLATION’ on the ROLLING in K-POP YouTube channel.

In this episode of ‘TRANSONGLATION’, members of Billlie sing the song ‘Ring X Ring’ in three languages, namely Japanese, Indonesian and Filipino.

Of the three teams, the team consisting of Siyoon and Suhyeon had the opportunity to sing the song ‘Ring X Ring‘ in Indonesian.

Do you think Billlie’s members can sing the song ‘Ring X Ring’ successfully? You can see the excitement in the video below!