The ex-GTA boss told more about his new open-world game at Gamescom Opening Night Live


Former Rockstar North president Leslie Benzies has revealed more about Everywhere, an upcoming open-world game he is developing in the new Build a Rocket Boy studio.

Benzies and the Build a Rocket Boy team discussed the ambitions of Everywhere as part of the Opening Night Live show at Gamescom 2022, a game described as a combination of gameplay, adventure, creativity and discovery in multi-world gameplay. Very little was given away, but a “hint behind the scenes” suggested that players would show a creative hand as part of the game, as well as get an “immersive experience.” Maybe it’s partly creative tools, partly a video game?

The mysterious trailer showed a lot of locations, each of which seemed to be taken from a completely different game. Cars raced in one sequence, and people with weapons fought in another. The only unifying factor is that all these sequences have a graphic style similar to Fortnite. However, the final scene, presented in photorealistic graphics at the very end of the trailer, combined with the words “Time for a New World” may be a hint of a game like “First Player Get Ready” in which people escape from reality to explore virtual worlds. .

No release date has been announced, but Build a Rocket Boy said they hope to release Everywhere in 2023.

Everywhere was first announced back in 2017, and three studios based in Edinburgh, Los Angeles and Budapest are currently working on Build a Rocket Boy. Fans have been theorizing for years about what Everywhere can be, and Build a Rocket Boy claims that some of these theories are “not far” from the truth.

Matt Purslow is IGN’s UK news and articles editor.


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