The Evil Within: Bethesda Renews Brand for ‘Continuous Use’


The Evil Within: Bethesda has made official the renewal of The Evil Within brand, indicating plans to invest again in the psychological horror franchise.

Without making much fanfare, Bethesda confirmed the renewal of the survival horror license The Evil Within for “continued use”. According to the record, the iteration took place on August 7, 2020, just before Microsoft’s negotiations for the purchase of Zenimax Media, and may indicate that the franchise is within the agreement between the companies to receive new investments in the future.

Since the release of The Evil Within 2 in October 2017, the franchise has gone into a dormant state and has not gained further news or updates. Now, with the brand being cited again, everything indicates that Zenimax Media still intends to use it, either adapting it to the new generation of consoles (4K and 60 fps) or developing a long-awaited sequence to close the trilogy, with possibilities to emerge as Xbox exclusive.

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