The evil inside deserves a remake


Tango Gameworks and The Evil Within from Bethesda is a master class in surreal horror. The alliance of psychological survival horror and horrific third-person action in The Evil Within came about thanks to Shinji Mikami from Tango, known as Resident Evil, but although he was successful enough to give the green light to the sequel, The Evil Within did not present any intended plans for a sequel. In case The Evil Within continues, it may have several paths.

The original The Evil Within was more centered around claustrophobic corridors and psychological imagery, while the sequel presented a miniature open-world area with side quests. Both had their own fans, and it would be interesting to see where Tango could make a triquel. However, a more likely option for Tango would be to either remake or remake The Evil Within for a modern audience to assess whether it can still have franchise potential with new players.

The Evil Within can be remade or remade for a new audience

If “Evil Inside” had received a remake, an argument would surely have been put forward that he did not need it. Remakes are usually hindered by the idea that the game is outdated or outdated and therefore needs significant visual effects and gameplay improvements that could modernize it for a new generation. Fans can decide for themselves whether The Evil Within or its sequel is outdated, but since the original game turns ten years old in a couple of years, it seems fair to assess whether a remake or remaster can be on the table.

The Evil Within has the same clunky content as any other third-person action game, but its movement and endurance are a moot point that could be improved with a remake or remaster. It’s clear that the terrible endurance management in The Evil Within was aimed at preventing players from running away from enemies freely, but it hardly makes sense that Sebastian Castellanos can’t run for 10 seconds without gasping and staggering.

There are several quality-of-life improvements that the remake can bring to The Evil Within, which will help the gameplay look modern. Meanwhile, the graphic updates will retain the same tone and atmosphere as the original The Evil Within, but with the visuals and performance of the current generation.

Unfortunately, the franchise is apparently not good enough to continue, but a remake or remaster could potentially reinterpret it in a more favorable way. Narrative details can also be changed if a remake is being considered, but this is probably best left for a new sequel or an unrelated entry in The Evil Within canon.

The evil inside can get a triquel

If only for some other reason, The Evil Within may get a remake or remaster to rejuvenate the franchise and open the door for another sequel. Alan Wake Remastered was a basic graphics update that was apparently launched in an attempt to remind fans of his franchise and invite a new generation to prepare for the upcoming sequel. The Evil Within may use a similar marketing strategy to create another sequel. A substantial remake with actual gameplay changes would be preferable, but a simple remaster would also be exciting now that the graphics and performance of the current generation have paved the way for ray tracing, VRR support and more.

The Evil Within’s huge pools of blood can look incredible with lapping waves as players make their way through them. Also, enemies from The Evil Within, such as Laura, would look fantastic if their terribly creative character models were better detailed. If a full sequel or unrelated game were announced, it would also surely have graphics rivaling those of other modern survival horror games.

Despite the fact that Sebastian’s narrative seems to have ended at the end of The Evil Within 2, it is likely that he could return in another part. Otherwise, it would be great to see how the action of the new part takes place in a different place with other characters in order to completely rethink the franchise and, perhaps, direct it in a different direction that Tango can withstand.

Since then, Tango has developed Ghostwire: Tokyo, which originated as The Evil Within 3. It seems there have been no plans to exhume The Evil Within since then, but the debut Tango franchise has more potential, and it would be a shame to see it postponed indefinitely. .

The Evil Within is available on PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.


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