The European Union keeps chasing Apple


The European Union is preparing to challenge a court ruling last July regarding taxes paid by Apple in Ireland. With this appeal, the long-running court process seems to get a little more complicated.

The EU General Court ruled last July that a decision made by the European Commission in 2016 was invalid. In the decision in question, it was stated that Ireland offered Apple an advantageous tax agreement, which was against the rules of the European Union.

At that time, the EU Commission had decided that Apple would retrospectively pay € 13 billion in tax to Ireland. Both Apple and Ireland disliked the decision, Apple CEO Tim Cook used the phrase “total political nonsense” for the decision.

In the decision of the General Court in July, it was stated that the decision of the EU Commission was unjustified. In the text of the decision, it was stated that the commission could not demonstrate a legal standard to justify the punishment.

Preparing to appeal to the General Court, Margrethe Vestager, the chief of the European Union responsible for the fight against monopoly, used the following statements regarding the issue: “Although the General Court has repeatedly stated that the member states can establish their own tax laws, these laws must also comply with the rules of the European Union. If member countries give multinational companies an advantage, this will harm fair competition in the European Union. ”

In the statement sent by Apple to The Verge website regarding the issue, it was emphasized that the objection text will be examined and that Apple respects the law both in Ireland and other places where it operates. Stating that there has been no change in the facts since July, the company argued that the issue was with the amount of tax to be paid rather than the amount of tax paid.

Paschal Donohoe, Irish Minister of Finance, said that an objection to the decision by the European Union is expected. Donohoe also underlined that it may take years for this incident to be resolved.


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