The EU is commissioning for the chip crisis


The European Commission to revisit on the plans for the chip crisis in the markets in the markets determined an ambitious goal to increase the production of the latest technology computer chips by the end of the decade. Thus, the share of the union for the chip crisis, 10 percent in the EU 2020, is to 20 percent to 2030 percent.

The world is dependent on EU machines on chip crisis

The development came at a time that the supply is unable to meet the demand and broadcasting the supply distress from car manufacturers to the top-point of the supplier to the companies in the phone market. On the other hand, the US and China’s attempts to increase their dominance has also played an effective role. Vice President of the European Commission on the subject Margrethe Vestager is in a paradoxical condition that Europe uses most of these types of technologies, but he has underlined very little production. Vestager also underlined that chip production is connected to the machines produced in Europe.

Europe had an exhausting chip making industry. However, most firms went to the way of using their production as outsourcing. When the latest technology fabrication facilities are considered quite expensive and the reported report by the US Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA) may hold 20 billion dollars in the establishment of a large facility. These facilities can also take many years to get profits.

The EU’s new goal on all of these issues is described within a large plan of Digital Compass 2030. In the plan, the first quantum is accelerated to improve the computer by 2025 to 2025, ensuring that all households are accessed to Gigabit Internet speeds for developing, and to perform ten million IT specialist employment.

Among the most important concerns of the Union, it is seen as an impact on the trade war between the two superpower between two superpowes. Because Trump management has prevented the most advanced machines from China’s chip producers to SMIC to SMIC, which is a Dutch company that uses special light to carve the transistors in silicone plates.


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