The eternal power has been crumbling since then


It is truly strange to put the words “German team” and “crisis” in the same sentence, but it is a fact that the Mannschaft is going through one of its lowest points in recent years … and it all started with “Chucky” Lozano.

That June 17, 2018 it seemed that it would mark the Mexican National Team forever, that everything would change at last, in the end it was not like that, but that goal from “Chucky” marked the then world champions who ended up closing a World Cup for oblivion and that they have not been able to raise the level.


“The debacle” is what the German media called the defeat to Spain 6-0, the worst since 1954 for the Teutonic team, a real shame for Joachim Löw, who is urgently asked by many to cut off his head.

“Chucky” bewitched them and since then nothing has been the same: they have accumulated 24 games, between the World Cup, the Nations League, friendlies and qualifiers for the Euro, he lost 6 times, all of them decisive and some humiliating for the Germans, who they also racked up a six-game winless streak after Lozano’s goal.

Germany’s next official match is in the group stage of the European Championship against France, World Champion, on June 15, 2021, the big question is whether Joachim Löw will reach this fateful commitment.


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