The ETA conflict and the HBO premieres for September


Although summer does not officially end for 1 month, the arrival of September marks the symbolic end, because schools start, people return from vacation and a new season begins. We have already seen the premieres of Amazon Prime Video, and today it’s HBO Spain, which brings a series that was going to premiere in March but postponed due to the Coronavirus crisis: Homeland.

Touching on the always sensitive issue of the ETA conflict, Patria begins the day ETA announces the abandonment of arms, in a story with characters who have suffered and / or killed during the conflict within the microclimate of a Basque town. The series “tells us about the impossibility of forgetting and the need for forgiveness in a community broken by political fanaticism for more than 30 years.”

We also have THE THIRD DAY, in which the stars Jude Law and Naomi Harris will have to face the inevitable attraction that produces a very special place: a mysterious island whose inhabitants are determined to maintain their traditions at all costs; WE ARE WHO WE ARE, the first series by Luca Guadagnino -Call me by your name- about a group of teenagers who live together in an American military base on Italian soil. AND ADVENTURE TIME: FAR AWAY, a special episode series based on popular characters from the cult series. BMO, the first episode, arrives on September 11.

And cinema a lot of cinema with classics like Wall Street or comedy trilogies like Hangover in Las Vegas, in addition to films such as the tribute to the Japanese manganime of mechas and kaiju eigas that is Guillermo del Toro’s Pacific Rim, or the tension of drug trafficking in Dennis Villeneuve’s Sicario. And a bit of terror with the Paranormal Activity.

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